Hats - Regular, Xsmall & Oliver These hats can be worn folded like a touque or as a slouch hat. All shaped like a tube with a lid, about 8" deep. $46. They can be adjusted by folding, rolling or scrunching. If you have an unusual head size please indicate. Oliver hats have an elasticized slit at the back for a snug fit $39. We have many, please give us an idea of colour/pattern and size and we can email pictures. Washing Instructions: Handwash with mild liquid soap and cool water, lay flat to dry. Chenille hats can be freshened in the dryer. Click here for Full Care To Order: Toll Free number:1-866-931-8464 or email   These pictures are samples Hats 1, 2 and 3 are the same hat worn different ways Harry Manx, musician wears our hats Hat 1 floppedHat 1 folded "Yeah !!! I mark History ! I will proudly wear my hat during shows. Thanks." Laurent Trudel, Quebec